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I just discovered I had access to one of my old blogs on Wordpress.  So, I'm pulling the couple of posts I put out there into this blog.  

This post was originally posted on September 17th, 2009.

Not exactly what I expected...

Tonight didn’t go exactly how I expected.
I had intended to work on flattening my block plane again.  To do that, I needed more sandpaper.  Home Depot didn’t have wet/dry sandpaper any coarser than 320. I didn’t go to Lowes.
Backup plan:  Get a broken bolt out of my table saw.  So, I chucked up a drill bit and started drilling. I had a nice hole, almost in the center of the bolt. So, I tried the EZout and it hit the back of the hole before it would grab. So, I drilled a bit more. Well the bolt was shorter than I thought it was, and the drill punched through. Did I mention this is a blind hole? Well, the bit punched through the back of the bolt and hit the back of the hole and… Yup, broke. And you can’t exactly drill out a drill bit.  I also can’t find a pair of needle nose pliers small enough to try to grab onto the broken bit.
Backup backup plan:  Clean the planer.  With some Simple Green, 000 steel wool, Rust Off and BoeShield, I spent the next 45 minutes getting the rust off the table of the planer.  Boy does Rust Off stink.  It reminded me of the chemicals we used in 5th grade shop class to antique copper.  NASTY.  But it all did a decent job.  I may give it another go tomorrow night, but it’s much bettern than it was.
So, like I said, not what I expected, but it all needed to be done, so it was a good night.


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