Software and Hardwood

  • Fixing Windows 8.1 Automatic Screen Rotation

    A couple weeks ago, I dropped my iPad and broke the screen.  It still works, but since it's 3 years old, I decided it was time to replace it.  This time, I thought I really wanted a Windows … more

  • A long holiday weekend

    Tags: Carvewright, sled, CNC

    Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I had a nice, four day weekend.  The plan was to spend Thursday with family, eating way too much good food, then spend the rest of the weekend at home. Well, … more

  • Python and the Pi

    Tags: Python, RPi, B, B+, Projects

    I believe it was late in 2012, I purchased two Raspberry Pi Model Bs.  These were the first model Bs, so they only had 256MB of RAM and no mounting holes.  I had no real projects in mind … more

  • Another old post

    Tags: Woodworking

    This one was originally posted on September 21st, 2009

    Tablesaw Rehab

    This weekend I started rehabbing the table saw I got from my Mom.  It was my Dad’s.  I actually put it together … more

  • An old blog post

    Tags: Woodworking

    I just discovered I had access to one of my old blogs on Wordpress.  So, I'm pulling the couple of posts I put out there into this blog.  

    This post was originally posted on September 17th, … more

  • Yeah, I started a blog

    Tags: Introduction

    I've attempted this in the past.  I've failed in the past.  I'll probably fail again in the future.  But here I am again, starting a blog.  And this time it's going to be … more

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