Welcome to Aquila Works!

At heart I am a tinkerer.  I have always loved taking things apart and seeing what made them tick.  Sometimes I even got them to go back together!  I also like making things.  It doesn't seem to matter what.  I just like to create.  I am not an artist by any means.  My designer hat doesn't really fit.  But I have fun at it regardless.

This love, passion, drive, whatever you'd like to call it has lead to two major interests.  Software development and woodworking.  This is where I showcase both of these things.  

On the software side, I "grew up" on C/C++.  In recent years, I have focused on the .Net Framework.  C# is my flavor of choice.  I have done mostly services and WinForms apps.  But recently I have been moving towards web development using MVC and WebAPI.  I diggin' it.  

In the woodworking arena, I really like Craftsman/Mission style furnature.  To me, it's very clean.  Shaker falls into that category to me as well.  But my love of quarter sawn oak keeps me looking at Craftsman/Mission projects.

How do I stand on handtools vs powertools?  Whatever gets the job done.  Do I always use the table saw or band saw to rip?  No.  Do I always use the handplane to finish a surface?  No.  Sometimes I want to work quietly in the basement, sometimes I want to burn some serious electrons in the garage.  

 Right now, the site is pretty sparse and it's rough around the edges.  I intend to continously improve it, so check back often.

Thanks for stopping by!